Who we are and What we do

SciTARC is an acronym for Scientifically targeted advanced research core. We are a Brazilian biotechnology startup that was created from the desire of academic researchers to optimize the processes involved in Scientific Research.

We are People developing a solution for other People, prioritizing our most valuable asset: Time.
And that is why SciTARC is developing an Artificial Intelligence-based platform that is capable of searching, gathering and structuring information in a reliable, intuitive and rapid manner, so we can boost the reasoning for decision making in the Industrial and Academic fields of Biotechnology. Our purpose is that this technology can optimize the time and also financial, material and human resources spent in the Research and Development area.

The value of our platform relies not only on its direct contribution to science, but also on the consequent reduction of the waste inherent to the steps involved in scientific research, so that we can incentivize and contribute to sustainable growth in R&D.


We aim to be the best company in Data Science applied to Biotechnology and Scientific Research in three years.


Our goal is to improve and refine the production of scientific knowledge and manufacturing of Biotechnology products through the development of a platform that examines data banks and displays clean and reliable information in a way that optimizes the processes of analysis and planning in R&D.


Innovation, Safe and Collaborative Work Space, Reliability, Respect, Transparency,

Team Appreciation

Personal Development




Biodiversity Valorization and Preservation

Sustainable Use of Natural Resources

Our purpose

Our purpose is to help project management through strategic improvement in the efficiency of the decision making process. We believe that better structuring of projects might minimize waste of time and resources in the R&D area so it can become a more sustainable process.

People first, psychological safety, mutual trust, diversity and inclusion, creativity, cooperativeness, respect and constant growth.