Our Team

SciTARC is a company that relies on creativity and innovation, and is composed of scientists and developers who use Artificial Intelligence as a tool for improving scientific research, so we thought: Maybe we could use AI as a tool to present our team!

Therefore, each image below was generated through AI specially for each member of the team based on our personality, so we can introduce ourselves in an innovative way.

Meet the real intelligence behind the artificial intelligence:

Athamy Sarah de Paula Cruz

Hello, welcome, it is so nice to see you here! Let’s talk!
My name is Athamy Sarah, I am the Executive Director or CEO of SciTARC. But don’t be shy, I love a good conversation! I have a Masters Degree and I am currently pursuing my PhD in Genomics Science and Biotechnology at UCB – DF. I am also an MBA in Leadership, Innovation and Management 4.0 (PUC – RS).

I value integration and growth promotion of my team, and my goal is to provide a healthy and safe work space. “People first” is one of the most important values in my opinion, and the one I praise the most as the leader of this company. Innovation and Creativity are inherent to science, and to implement them in the business world is challenging, but they are so valuable at a Startup, after all, everything is new – we are always heading towards the “horizon of events”.

Besides my academic formation, which I love, here are some personal facts about me. I am very communicative and extroverted, music is a very important part of my day-to-day routine, and I love to read and watch TV series in my free time. To me, a nice conversation comes along with a cappuccino or a tea on the side, accompanied of course by a piece of cake.
Can I interest you in a coffee or tea?

Tatiana Rusch

Hey, welcome!
Your presence here means that we have something in common: Love and excitement about science!

Since I was young, I have always been curious about everything around me and how things work and funcion, so I believe this to be the main reason why I chose my profession. I am a biologist with a Masters Degree in Genomics Science and Biotechnology, and I’ve had the opportunity to know more about Innovation when I joined SciTARC.

Besides the creative processes and world of possibilities that comes with working at a Startup, the valuing of people and the sense of belonging I felt when I joined such an incredible team is indescribable. And it’s exactly what SciTARC has done for me. My role in the company is to deal with people, promote connections and favor a light, functional and fun work environment! I also consider myself a very passionate person, excited about life and always open to meeting new people and willing to connect intentionally with everything and everyone.

Tiago Gonçalves da Costa

Salut! Bienvenue!

It is so nice to meet you and have you here! My name is Tiago Gonçalves and I work as Project and Innovation Director at SciTARC. If there’s something I love to say is that I am passionate about learning and studying a diversity of themes and subjects, especially Biotechnology and similar fields. And that is what led me to get my Bachelor degree in Biology, followed by Masters and PhD in Genomics Sciences and Biotechnology at the Catholic University of Brasilia.

After that, I had contact with Innovation, which led me to start developing a mindset that allows me to explore opportunities. I love new ideas and the pursuit for solutions regarding the many new problems that arise at every minute! So I kept on studying, starting with my MBA in Project Management (USP) and now in Data Science and Analytics (USP).

In my free time, I like to do manual work with plants and wood, listen to music, exercises, drawing, etc…

You’re always invited for a conversation over coffee!

Thaís Campos de Sousa

Hey, how are you doing?

Let me tell you a little bit about myself! My name is Thaís, I have a Bachelor degree in Biology and a Masters Degree in Genomics Science and Biotechnology. I am a Researcher at SciTARC and despite the seriousness of the titles, most of the time I am joking around because I love making people laugh.

My first contact with innovation was here at SciTARC, and working here allows me to bring my curious, investigative and problem solving side to the job and apply it to Biotechnology. I also love science, and in my free time I like to workout, go out looking for new bakeries to eat pastries and watch TV series and documentaries that involve mysteries and criminal investigation. But by far my biggest passion is to travel and meet new places.
Thank you for coming here, I hope we meet again!

Rivaldo Varejão Pasqual Saraiva

Hello, my name is Rivaldo,

I aim to understand the truth and the secrets behind the functioning of nature through research and development (R&D). I want to build a great family reasoned by prudence, and to provide with wisdom and kindness to the people I love. I read Sci-Fi, study history and philosophy (brazilian, greco-roman and japanese). I like video games and seek serenity by being in nature. Also, very few things are more pleasant than drinking whisky on a rainy day under a starry sky.

I am fascinated by the beauty of the Universe in all its magnitude, from the Higgs Boson (passing through the pale blue dot we call Earth) to a Quasar. That is why I find so much meaning in the following quote: “The cosmos is within us. We are made of star-stuff. We are a way for the universe to know itself”.

Ciro Galvão

Hey, how are you?

My name is Ciro and I am the “IT guy” here at SciTARC. I have been passionate about technology since I was a teenager. I graduated in Information Technology Management (Estácio) and I have an MBA in Solution Architecture (FIAP). I have been working as a software developer for 14 years and over this time I have worked for many different types of companies and learned a lot about business and people. Here at SciTARC I implement IT-related tasks such as architecture and development of softwares, servers, data banks, etc… In my free time I like video games, riding a bike and playing electric guitar!